What is a Design Sprint?

At LastMason we are specialized in building software-prototypes at a fast pace, it’s called a Design Sprint. A Design Sprint is the perfect way to fast-forward product development and take a look at the future product, solve big challenges and gather valuable information from your customers. By using a Design Sprint you can test your business idea within 5 days. The prototype is the first interaction between your idea and your customers. This allows you to make better decisions that are based on actual customer reactions and empower the realization of ideas within your organization.

Added value of a Design Sprint

A prototype enables you to fast-forward your software development and let’s you jump to the future by validating the prototype with end-users. A prototype lets you make decisions that are based on actual test results. Before a lot of time and effort is put in a software solution, a prototype can be used to validate whether your idea meets the needs of your customers.

Diverging while exploring possible solutions is one of the strong features of our prototyping sprints. These iterations allow team members to approach a solution from multiple angles, before selecting the best option for the challenge.

The fast pace of rapid prototyping ensures that just enough effort is put into ideas so that they can be tested, without feeling ‘attached’ to a product because of the work that is put into it. By developing new software products this way, pressing business questions can be answered before making any expensive commitments to a solution that might not even work.

LastMason & Design Sprints

At LastMason we have an awesome team that will help you to develop and design software-prototypes. We will guide you through the 3 day process and make sure most value is added during this sprint. In addition to the Design Sprint, our development team is more than happy to elaborate the prototype to a fully functional software product. By entrusting your challenge to LastMason, you will experience the future of software development.

If you would like to know more about Design Sprints at LastMason or would like to discuss how this can boost your business, please contact me: sander.smit@lastmason.com You are also always most welcome at our office for a coffee!